Learning Resources – Ministry Policy

British Columbia Ministry of Education

Policy Statement in Full

Boards of education have responsibility for determining how learning resources are chosen for use in schools.  Boards must have policies and procedures for choosing learning resources.  For curricula implemented from 2016 onwards, most educational program guides will not include a list of Ministry recommended resources.  Boards may continue to use learning resources specified in educational program guides published before 2016, as appropriate. For certain courses or grades, the Ministry may still recommend the use of specific learning resources from time to time.

The Ministry of Education no longer conducts evaluation processes to recommend learning resources.  This responsibility now rests with boards.  Board policies and procedures should include a process for ensuring the list of recommended learning resources is up to date and aligned with changes in curriculum. This would include adding and removing resources from the list.

Any concerns or challenges to the use of a learning resource should be dealt with at the district level. Boards/authorities should also develop policy and procedures to challenge the use of a learning resource.

Boards may choose to use the services of the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC) to assist them in choosing or approving learning resources.  ERAC maintains a collection of evaluated K-12 resources for the B.C. school system. 

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