Southpaw Award

The Southpaw Award ranks some of the left wing commentators in the 2018 trustee campaign and their articles written since the beginning of October.

Strike outs are awarded for the use of certain words:
“hate” – gets one strike out
“hateful” – gets two strike outs
“people who are ignorant” – gets three strike outs
“beaten” – gets four strike outs
“hate speech” – gets five strike outs
“hate slate” – gets ten strike outs

Updated October 25th.

#1 – Patti Bacchus for her October 5 article in the Georgia Straight “SOGI foes trying to influence school board elections” in which she used the words hate once (1 strike out), hate speech once (5 strike outs) and hate slate once (10 strike outs) for a total of 16 strike outs. Her article is here and it finishes on a good note, using some of the words in the slogan of the Campbell River candidates “… voting for school board candidates who are committed to keeping our schools safe … for all students …”

#2 – Kat Eddy for her October 24 quoted comments in the Campbell River Mirror article “Eddy reflects on campaign” in which she used the words hateful once (2 strike outs), people who are ignorant once (three strike outs) and beaten once (four strike outs) for a total of 9 strike outs. The article with her quotes can be seen here.