Bulkley Valley #54

School District
Bulkley Valley
  Oct 20, 2018
Decision Makers Implementation Motion* Classroom Motion**
Zone 1 Trustee Michell, Ann No learning resource vote ?
Zone 2 Bassett, Susan ?
Zone 2 Trustee Beaubien, Billie Jean No learning resource vote Not running
Zone 2 Trustee Collingwood, Lara No learning resource vote Not running
Zone 2 Trustee Farrell, Frank No learning resource vote ?
for example Candidate Name Remove
SOGI 123 from classrooms
Zone 2 Fielding, Elsbeth ?
Zone 2 Krauskopf, Jason ?
Zone 2 Krishan, Floyd ?
Zone 2 Saimoto, Regina ?
Zone 3 Trustee Hanson, Dawn No learning resource vote Not running
Zone 3 Quinlan, Edward ?
Zone 4 Trustee
and Vice Board Chair
Kerns, Leslie No learning resource vote ?
Zone 4 Trustee
and Board Chair
Williams, Jennifer No learning resource vote ?
Superintendent Chris van der Mark
MLA Skeena Ellis RFos May 9, 2017 to October 16, 2021
Former Minister Mike Bernier July 30, 2015 to May 9, 2017
Minister of Education Rob Fleming July 18, 2017

Areas of School District #54 Bulkley Valley
Area Reference Area Served
1 Electoral Zone 1
one to be elected
Lake Kathly
2 Electoral Zone 2
three to be elected
3 Electoral Zone 3
one to be elected
4 Electoral Zone 4
two to be elected

* Implementation Motion, from Board meeting minutes
It appears that the Board has not yet considered any motion that references the learning resource known as SOGI 123.


2016 July 25 – The BC Human Rights Code is modified with the addition of “gender identity or expression”.

2017 July 1 – Ministry of Education policy delegates approval of Learning Resources to local Boards of Education.
Quoting from the Ministry’s policy on learning resources,
“The Ministry of Education no longer conducts evaluation processes to recommend learning resources. This responsibility now rests with boards. Board policies and procedures should include a process for ensuring the list of recommended learning resources is up to date and aligned with changes in curriculum. This would include adding and removing resources from the list.”

2018 – Since no formal vote has been taken by the Bulkley Valley Board of Education meeting it appears the SOGI 123 Learning Resource has been neither approved nor disapproved for use in the Bulkley Valley school district.


** Classroom Motion
THAT the Bulkley Valley Board of Education directs the Superintendent to continue to promote a respectful educational environment for all students, by removing the SOGI 123 learning resource from classroom instructional time.