Letter to the Editor of the Times Colonist, unpublished

September 30, 2018


The BCTF is a powerful and influential organization. It has a set of goals, beliefs and political ideations that are not in line with the majority of society. Teachers are put in a position of trust, they have a huge influence on our children. They have the ability to subvert our own goals, beliefs and political leanings through our children. Teachers are public servants who should answer to the taxpayer but the BCTF would like that role reversed.

Everyday our children are subjected to the political leanings of the BCTF through our publicly funded schools. This has the potential to tear the moral fabric of society. Politics have no place in our schools yet the BCTF through the teachers continue to indoctrinate our children.

The BCTF and the NDP government are colluding to control the future political climate of this province. We need to take a stand against this. We need to let the BCTF and teachers know that they are paid by and answer to the taxpayers. Their skewed ideas and beliefs need to remain their own and not be brought into our schools.

Author’s name available upon request
Campbell River