Oct 18 – From Barry Neufeld stating that Boards do have jurisdiction

Notes from an all candidate meeting

All of the organizations in Chilliwack who usually host all candidates meetings were to scared to hold one for the school board this election, citing “security concerns.” But the Farmer’s Institute of the rural region of Ryder lake held one last night and invited every candidate for the school board to a short forum after the Mayor and Councillor session.

The five of us who oppose SOGI 1-2-3 showed up as well as 10 of our opponents. It was a fairly civil discussion. The one thing we all had in common was frustration with the current administration and the track record of the outgoing board.

Candidate Miekle said trustees have no jurisdiction to oppose SOGI 1-2-3.

Yes they DO! That is what boards are all about: to ensure the values of their community are upheld and implemented. We have to realize that on July 17, 2017 the ministry no longer has an approved list of learning resources, but has directed that BOARDS must approve, or at least have a policy that defines how we approve of resources. Last month we had to find room for about 350 new students we weren’t expecting. Obviously lots of young couples are moving to Chilliwack because they think it is a good place to raise kids. And it has good schools.

To say that it is the board’s responsibility to approve the budget is a joke! After 24 years on the board I still can’t figure out our complex $150 million budget. We open the proposed budget up to the public for input and I doubt if more than half a dozen people show up. They all walk away bored and confused. The ministry has made budget reporting so contorted and twisted that even our secretary treasurer admits he has trouble understanding it.

Or to say that the board’s responsibility is to hire the Superintendent is also a joke. I have been there for the hiring of three superintendents. We paid big bucks for a professional head hunter and they had a powerful influence on us.

Some were bragging that they had kids still in school. So what? There are a lot of young parents out there who agree with us but are terrified what would happen to their jobs or families if they publicly stood against SOGI 1-2-3.

One candidate and others think that good teachers won’t want to come to Chilliwack because of our right wing reputation. On the contrary, I think we will discourage the Social Justice warriors from wanting to come to our district and we will attract skilled teachers who actually know how to teach the three “R’s.” Two Christian university students have told me that all they talk about at UBC and UFV Education faculties is social justice issues. Very little about literacy or numeracy. Experienced Christian teachers who are getting hassled in other districts may even be willing to let go of their seniority and apply to our district if we can ensure they can teach without fear of reprisals for their traditional family values.

And that folks, is my meeting report!