Oct 20 – from Sandy Devenney

Dear Everybodies:

Sat Oct 20th 2018. This day will be remembered as a turning point in our history, one way or another. It will be the day we took control back or the day we lost it. With a majority board, trustees can remove SOGI 123 resources from the classroom. All of BC needs Chilliwack and other districts with a majority of candidates to send a clear message to the Minister of Education, PARENTS CAN OPT OUT.

I handed out a copy of the attachment which includes the photo below. I should have been handing out that picture from day one. Finally, people have proof positive of what the SOGI 123 resources teach. I spoke to a teacher yesterday who was shocked when she saw the picture and what the teacher said. Help our teachers, help our children, help our principals, help our families, help our civilization.

Here is the photo where a class is told. “You know that gender is NON BINARY right?” Then each child is asked to place their gender on the spectrum chart somewhere between boy and girl?

Think of at least one other person to take to the polls. WE CAN DO THIS.

Thanks again for listening, for caring and for acting. You all make me want to cry. I love you all.

Kenneth Oakes exposing the stat that 19% of students are LGBTQ. Here are the true facts:

Completely straight 81%, Mostly straight 7%, Bisexual 4%, Gay and Lesbian 1%, Questioning 1%, Don’t have attractions 6%.

Maybe the above picture accounts for 14% of the confusion generated in children. What do you think?