Oct 5 – All intolerance should not be tolerated

Address to the general public on political intolerance:

I have lived in Campbell River for many years of my life only just returning after a prolonged absence. I have always been concerned and somewhat active in paying attention to municipal elections.

However, recent events have me very concerned. The destruction of the signs for trustee candidates Andy Beaudin, Manfred Hack and Vanessa Maclean expressed a bigoted, well-organized attack. These people who are doing this are an expression of political intolerance that must not be tolerated in any functioning democracy. Regardless of the anti SOGI candidates (understandable) revulsion of the SOGI 123 social engineering program that has been thrust into our children’s classroom, it does not mean their opinion cannot be tolerated.

Let’s hear all opinions and discussions on this topic without one side resorting to violence.

Michael Barry
Campbell River

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