Oct 18 – Four Anti-SOGI Incumbents

The October 18 news release can be seen here.

This news release reminds reporters that there are four incumbent trustees who want to remove SOGI 123.

Pro-SOGI and Anti-SOGI incumbents running for re-election have received endorsements and considerations

Sandy Devenney of Chilliwack, an active supporter of trustee candidates who protect children and respect parental rights says, “I am pleased to provide information about trustee candidates endorsed by the union movement and those whose names are given consideration in the Voter Guide on the bcsogi.ca website.”

Of the 103 union endorsed trustee candidates who seem to be okay with the teaching of the unscientific theory of gender fluidity, 44 are incumbents running for re-election.

Of the 51 trustee candidates whose names are listed in the Voter Guide because they either want to scrap the SOGI 123 lesson resources or apparently want the gender fluidity lesson plans known as SOGI 123 to be evaluated before they are used in classrooms, 4 are incumbents running for re-election. One is in Ashcroft, two in Chilliwack and one in Kelowna.

Sandy sums up the main concern about exposing students in K-12 classrooms to gender fluidity, “If you accept that 5-year-olds know their own mind, you abuse their trust in adults to protect them. And when a 5-year-old’s decision or “feeling” is reinforced by class instruction and/or celebration that child is going to feel pressured to not CHANGE HER MIND. If YOU believe that child was born that way and cannot change YOUR mind, just go on the internet and look at the sad stories of children who regret what they have done.”


Contact: Sandy Devenney, sandysee@shaw.ca

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103 candidate names with union endorsements can be seen at:

51 candidate names in favour of prior evaluation can be seen at: