Oct 17 – Union movement is one-sided about SOGI 123

The October 17 news release can be seen here.

This news release observes that the union movement has only endorsed candidates on one side of the SOGI 123 learning resources issue, the side that is in favour of introducing gender fluidity concepts into K-12 classrooms.

Union support for trustee candidates now totals 103 endorsements

Sandy Devenney of Chilliwack, an active supporter of trustee candidates who protect children and respect parental rights says, “The unions are only endorsing those trustee candidates who are in favour of bringing gender studies into public school classrooms.”

“Our research has confirmed that 103 union endorsements have been made across the province,” she says.

“All of them are listed on the website for British Columbia’s SOGI 123 Learning Resource and the link to it is:

“I am pleased that some balance has been added by preparation of a Voter Guide with the names of 38 trustee candidates who do not want gender studies in our classrooms. Also on that list are 13 trustee candidates who are open to parental input about the use of the SOGI 123 learning resource.”

The link to the Voter Guide is: https://bcsogi.ca/voter-guide/

Sandy sums it up, saying, “I have been learning about SOGI 123 intensely for over a year now. I have learned that SOGI 123 is not a mandated learning resource. Teachers are being pushed to teach it by the Minister, the union, teacher association activists and SOGI leads in every school. This learning resource is all about teaching gender fluidity and taking political action.”

Eight statements that encapsulate the pushback by taxpaying parents have been prepared for posting on Facebook and are shown below.

These statements can be seen here.